After a global search and some absolutely knock-out auditions, we are ecstatic to announce the appointment of the one and only EMMA RULE to our soprano role!

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Hush - The Kids Have Spoken!!

In 2014 we were approached by the HUSH FOUNDATION, to write and record an album for their collection of music designed to be distributed to childrens' wards and hospitals around Australia and across the world, to make patients', their families' and carers' hospital experience far more peaceful and less stressful. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance.

We teamed up with Lior, the amazing singer-songwriter, and Elena Kats-Chernin, one of Australia's most celebrated composers, and took some of life's biggest questions into hospitals and schools and homes to ask kids how they made sense of life and it's challenges. The responses we got were full of humour, wisdom and insight, and we set about using their responses to create lyrics and themes for the songs on this album.

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Big Changes and New Adventures

To all our dear subscribers, supporters, listeners and fans,

Our new year greetings come to you this year with some significant news that is both sad but also exciting in many ways. After 10 years of singing together in the format you’re familiar with, The Idea of North is undergoing some changes. Our esteemed bass of 24 years and co-founding member Andrew Piper, and our amazing soprano of 10 years, Sally Cameron, have decided to move on from The Idea of North to pursue other personal goals and interests. While their departure will be a huge adjustment for us, we are delighted and excited that they are both going on to follow some of their long-held dreams and passions.

We are pleased to announce that we have already found a wonderful singer to be our new bass, and will be commencing auditions for the soprano role in March this year. Any singers interested in auditioning for this position should send expressions of interest to

Although this news has been a challenge for us, we are meeting this head on and are excited about developments already brewing for the next chapter of The Idea of North. We have exciting news for you all which will be forthcoming soon after we have taken this time to fondly farewell our wonderful colleagues.

If you'd like to reach out to Sally or Andrew with a message, please go to our Facebook page and post or send it from there.

From us, a huge thank you to Andrew and Sally for all they have brought to the group, all they shared with us and our audiences, and the legacy of camaraderie, musicianship and performance excellence they leave with us as they go.

Nick & Naomi,

The Idea of North

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New Album

We've taken our favourite show, 'Ballads By Candlelight' and out it into a beautiful album of 'Ballads' for you.

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