Hush Now, Don't Sing A Word


Photo (left to right): Lior, Elena Kats-Chernin, Cath Crock, (Nearly-Headless) Nick and Naomi

We are so very honoured to be selected as artists on volume 15 of the Hush Collection, and even more so to be teaming up with the fabulous Lior to create some rather awesome music. With renowned Australian composer Elena Kats-Chernin also contributing to the project, this collaboration is sure to hit the hush spot.

Hospital can be a scary place for children and families. Dr Catherine Crock is a physician and mother who knows this all too well, working with children with cancer at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.

She decided to do something to reduce their distress, so she teamed up with some of Australia's foremost professional musicians who have volunteered their time to create a collection of unique CDs to help children and their parents during medical procedures.

The result is the HUSH collection, a special compilation of soothing music designed to calm and relax people of all ages. It is used within 12 Children's Hospitals and wards around Australia, in operating theatres, treatment rooms and waiting areas, as well as to manage unsettled babies.

The HUSH collection project is supported by all these hospitals and the proceeds are shared between them. Each hospital can use the funds to best suit their needs, for instance pain management for children with cancer, research into blood vessel tumours, palliative care and music therapy, patient and family centred care.

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