Hush - The Kids Have Spoken!!


In 2014 we were approached by the HUSH FOUNDATION, to write and record an album for their collection of music designed to be distributed to childrens' wards and hospitals around Australia and across the world, to make patients', their families' and carers' hospital experience far more peaceful and less stressful. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance.

We teamed up with Lior, the amazing singer-songwriter, and Elena Kats-Chernin, one of Australia's most celebrated composers, and took some of life's biggest questions into hospitals and schools and homes to ask kids how they made sense of life and it's challenges. The responses we got were full of humour, wisdom and insight, and we set about using their responses to create lyrics and themes for the songs on this album.

Composed largely by Naomi, Lior & Elena, this album celebrate the observational genius of kids, taps in to some of the challenges we need to confront in our society, and gives us an insight into our own responsibilities as we raise, work with and set examples for kids in our lives.

This beautiful album raises money for The Hush Foundation, founded by the amazing Dr Catherine Crock - whose whole raison d'ĂȘtre is to transform the hospital experience through the arts.

This is a kids' album for adults, but equally an adults' album for kids.

With beautiful illustrations by Australian illustrator Nathaniel Eckstrom, you'll fall in love with the whole package.

There is something very special about this recording. Please support this worthy cause, and pick up a copy for yourself or for a young person you know on iTunes or at all good CD stores (while they still exist).

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